7 Jun

Although I can’t pronounce it, the Lindt Stracciatella truffle is probably my favorite chocolate treat. I don’t even like white chocolate, even tried with pink peppercorns as a Boston Chocolatier had once recommended. For some reason, though, these little balls are heaven to me.

I know I should avoid these triggers, but I purchased one of those daily deals I get emailed to me, well, daily. I will devote a whole post to these impulse purchase-inducing little devils one day, but for right now, I’m only focusing on the Lindt deal. Only $10 for $20 worth of chocolate at Lindt! So naturally, I purchased 4 of these coupons. In my defense, this was right before Easter, and I had intended on purchasing gifts with these coupons, only I of course forgot to print them before I went to the store. Now I have to go back to Lindt 3 more times before July 9th, when the coupons will expire (they “expire” back to the purchase price of $10, but I can only use one per visit). Anyway, I purchased some Father’s Day gifts today, but since they were on sale I couldn’t use a coupon, so I just bought 2 bags of these little delights. For me. And no, I did not turn down the free sample truffle that was offered to me when I walked into the store!

What upsets me about these types of indulgences is not that I shouldn’t have them at all. I understand that indulgences are special treats and you shouldn’t feel guilty having them. What upsets me is that I don’t really enjoy them. I know, I know… I just said these truffles are my favorite chocolate. They are. It’s the act of “indulging” that I don’t enjoy. I just ate three truffles (I think because that’s what is in the 230 calorie serving) in the car while I was waiting for an appointment to which I was 20 minutes early. I ate them so fast, while I was checking my emails on my phone, that I hardly enjoyed them. What was the point?

Luckily, I stopped at 3 (well, 4, if you count the one in the store!), and I also already hit the gym for an hour before work today.

One of my favorite bloggers, of Carrots N Cake, has a designated day for treats that she plans into her week – every Friday is “Cookie Friday,” and she looks forward to it every week. I feel like this is a principle I should try to work into my life. She looks forward to, and enjoys her cookie, or whatever other indulgence suits her fancy that day. My mindless eating is not doing me any favors!

My goal for the rest of the week is to PLAN my indulgences. If it’s not in the plan, I’m not going to splurge! Since I know that I have dinner plans (at my house) with a friend on Friday night, I’m going to save my indulgence for Friday, in anticipation of a homemade dessert! And these truffles are going to the office tomorrow to be shared with my coworkers!


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