Changes and Decisions

13 Jun

I have been too busy with this…

to write about overcoming my addiction to indulgence.

What a great concert! But on to the rest of my life…

My Mom just told me that her house in RI has sold after only 3 days on the market. She and my stepdad are moving to FL at the end of July. Yikes! I knew this was going to happen, but I honestly didn’t think it would be so soon. She has been hinting at me applying for jobs down there and moving with them, but I just don’t know what to do. I’m stuck with my condo for another year, and I should really stay with my job for another year. But, these are the types of characters I encounter at my current job:

This little guy was in the woods by the parking lot! Yikes!

I did apply for a job much closer to home, which would turn a 45+ minute commute into a 10 minute commute. And I would think there would be significantly less nature… My fingers are crossed so hard for this! But should I just look for jobs in FL instead? So many things to think about! Plus, moving is always a cost, and I have a lot of vacations planned this year. I say vacations, but they’re really marathons and half marathons. I call them destination races. Here’s a look at the race calendar:

  • Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon – August – Providence, RI (this isn’t really a destination, as it’s where I grew up and is about a 45 min drive.)
  • Applefest Half Marathon – September – Hollis, NH (I haven’t signed up yet, but this will be my 3rd year trying to tackle this stupid, hot, hilly course. Also this isn’t a destination, since it’s about 1.5 hrs away.)
  • Diva’s Half Marathon – October – Long Island, NY (I also haven’t signed up for this, but I did it last year and I really want to do it again. You get tiaras and boas at mile 12 or something so you cross the finish line in style!)
  • Nike Women’s Marathon – October – San Francisco, CA
  • Tinkerbell Half Marathon – January – Anaheim, CA
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon – February – Orlando, FL

I think if I’m going to plan a move, I should do it after at least my marathon is done. Training is too stressful! I’ve been doing ok with training. I’m pretty much on plan… I’m about 2 miles behind on my long runs. The past two weekends have been so busy, it was hard to find enough time to complete the runs. Hopefully I can get back on track soon. This week is a pretty light week on my training schedule, with only 3 slow 5 mile runs.

On the financial goals front, I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been deleting most of the “deal of the day” emails without reading them. I cut coupons this week to do food shopping, and I saved 25% of my bill. Not as good as those extreme couponers, but better than usual! And I tracked all of my spending. I definitely spend the most money on food, but not at the supermarket. It’s coffee on the go, and lunches in the cafeteria at work that are doing me in, I think. Today I brought my lunch, but I stopped to get an iced coffee. That $2.50 adds up when it’s every day! And I splurge even more after my long runs, since there is a Starbucks right across the street from the gym. A Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte (with only like 160 calories and a lot of protein) is perfect post-morning-long-run fuel. After 8 miles on the dreadmill, I’ve certainly earned it. But back to money, I would really like to get in a position to possibly refinance my condo, although that means I would need to decide if I was selling or not… Decisions are so hard! But even if I did want to sell, I would need a nice nest egg to be able to buy another place and move, so I still need to better my financial position. I feel like I want to add a “DUH!” at the end of that statement!


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