Where’s my money going?

21 Jun

I have been tracking my spending and I am shocked! I guess I didn’t realize what I was spending my money on… but that was the purpose of this exercise, wasn’t it? It has only been 2 full weeks and I feel like I’ve already overspent (assuming half of the monthly budget… not that I’ve spent a month’s worth in 2 weeks.) I still don’t feel as though I’m excessive with my luxuries, but I do understand how many luxuries I have. Things like doggy daycare…


But how can I sacrifice her comfort for my lack of self-control?

Things like $11 cocktails and pricey late-night appetizers (the problem here is cocktails) with the girls…


It looks like food is my biggest expense, followed by gas and car expenses, and then doggy daycare. (I’m excluding my non-negotiable bills like mortgage, condo fees, etc. because I can’t change them anyway.) However, I think I did this wrong. I think I should categorize food into two separate columns – food (i.e. from the grocery store, which I need) and entertainment (i.e. cocktails, dinners out, coffee in the morning, which I can cut back on). I may try to do that next month for a more accurate picture of what is really going on.

 What is depressing is how my irresponsibility in college and grad school is really affecting me now. I would have so much more money to put in a savings account if I wasn’t paying off debt!

No real updates on marathon training – this past week was an easy training schedule. This Saturday is a 12 miler! I can’t decide if I want to do it outside or at the gym on the treadmill. It’s so nice to be able to have my water right next to me without having to carry it, but it’s so boring to be on a treadmill for 12 miles! I also know I need to acclimate myself to the warmer temps in preparation for race day. But if I’m outside, I have to do it alone and I don’t really like that either. The pup can’t run 12 miles, that’s for sure. She got overheated this weekend at the park, poor thing. She had to take a dip in a stream to cool off.


I think I’m making excellent food decisions, with the occasional slip up… Like, really… do these gummy bears even look appetizing? They melted in my car. I still ate them.  🙂

And, finally… I went on a job interview! But the next step is a second round of interviews, and I haven’t heard back yet. The first round was only on Friday, but I called and left a message yesterday and haven’t heard back. I’m totally bummed, but still have my fingers crossed!


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