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You win some, you lose some!

22 Jun

I still haven’t heard back from the company I interviewed with on Friday. But, I did get a new lead on a job via LinkedIn! Now I’m anxiously waiting for a response.

Yesterday, I lost the exercise battle. Instead of going to the gym in the morning, I was at my desk at 6:30. Yes, 6:30AM. I had intentions of going to the gym after work, but that never happened. Instead, I snuggled with this little munchkin:

She’s so cute!

I did end up going for a run this morning, though, and I feel awesome! It was supposed to be a tempo run of 3 miles at 11:08min/mile. I don’t think that’s a tempo run, since I already run at about that pace, so I ran 3 miles at 10 mins/mile. I would like to credit the iced coffee I drank before I hit the treadmill for that… I’m pretty pumped, because I want to do the 10k I have planned for July 4th at just under 10 min/miles. I think I can do it. 🙂

I just have to keep winning these exercise battles! I read an article today on SparkPeople. I found this inspiring, “Whatever the excuse, just do it.” Great motto!


Fitness Magazine Quiz – Whack!

21 Jun

I’m so irked, I had to write about it. I am a devote Sparker (sparkpeople.com) and I get daily emails from them. Today’s email had a link to a quiz from Fitness magazine titled, “How many calories are you really eating?” I thought this would be appropriate, because I’m very frustrated about eating healthier and running a ton, but having my pants getting tighter and tighter. Continue reading


7 Jun

Although I can’t pronounce it, the Lindt Stracciatella truffle is probably my favorite chocolate treat. I don’t even like white chocolate, even tried with pink peppercorns as a Boston Chocolatier had once recommended. For some reason, though, Continue reading

Indulgence, Synonyms: luxury, extravagance, pleasure, treat

6 Jun
This blog is about self-control and goal setting. I realize that I, like everyone else, have two options. I can make steps towards change and goals, or I can continue to live life as I have been, an indulgent mess of reckless spending and consuming. As much as I talk/think/obsess about losing weight and getting out of debt, year after year, the numbers on the scale and in the bank account are relatively constant. Why? Because I have no self-control and a lack of direction. I have not set any goals or set myself up to succeed at these enormous tasks in any way. I hope that this blog will keep me accountable, to myself first and foremost. I am unsure how any blog gets readers/followers, so I won’t worry about that right now.